Crew & Manning Services

We know that there is a high demand of skilled and experienced seafarers in the whole world. Therefore we have started to use our large network and knowledge in fishing to help crewing fishing vessels.

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What Puncak Jaya Samudra do?

We recruit, train and sent Indonesian seafarer for international and domestic fishing vessels. We have been in the crew manning business since 2009 but shortly we can gain large numbers of clients in several countries that operates all types of fishing vessel.


What we provide?

The seafarer or crewman will be sent soon after we receive the list of crewman whose have been requested and the letter of guarantee issued from the company’s destination.


What we have?

With qualified system, qualified staff, crewman and seafarer, and an extensive network as a sub division (crew agents’ overseas, medical centers, travel agents, training centers and crew handling agents) PT. Puncak Jaya Samudra ready to serve your requirements for seafarer.


How about our services procedure?

We provide qualified services and our ability to manage human resources can be trusted. We also have responsibility for our crews and the company they will work for. We let them make their decision to choose the type of ships, water operations and kinds of management they want.